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District Seven at National Convention in 2011

District Seven is one of sixteen districts (regions) that make up the engineering honor society, Tau Beta Pi. District Seven consists of the lower peninsula of Michigan and all of Ohio. 24 collegiate chapters (10 in Michigan and 14 in Ohio) make up District Seven along with three active alumnus chapters (two in Michigan and one in Ohio). We are the biggest district in number of chapters... some would also advocate that we are the best... you be the judge! District Seven gathers annually in October with the rest of the collegiate chapters at our National Convention. We meet again as a district in the spring to train incoming officers for the coming year as well as renew old friendship from previous meetings. District Seven is guided by four volunteer district directors who serve as trainers, mentors, and guides to the collegiate chapter members. In addition, our district is home to four engineering futures facilitators who provide professional development at no charge to our collegiate chapters. This web site is a resource for the chapters in District Seven as well as an excellent source of information about who we are and what is going on in the District. Feel free to take a look around and again, welcome to the District Seven web site!

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