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Conference Materials
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Agenda 2011 Conference Agenda Agenda-District-Conference-2011-MI-L.xls
DICE DICE Resource Manual DICE-Resource-Manual-2011.doc
The Sims 90 TBP things to do in an academic term The-Sims.xls
Reporting List of required reports and tips 2011-reports-list.pdf
Reporting Details and tips on each required report Reporting.ppt
Finances Financial Training Manual Financial-Training.doc
MindSET Program web site tbpmindset.org
MindSET Volunteer form Volunteer-MindSET-Form-Mgt.doc
Initiations Steps to a successful initiation initiation.ppt
Initiations List of common initiation problems Initiation-Problems.pdf
Chapter Surveys How to win a project award Surveys-Project-Reports.ppt
Project Reports The secrets to success ProjectReports.ppt
Staying Involved Steps to staying involved with TBP Staying-Involved-2011.doc